Good training, what does it mean?

27 08 2006

I have attended a few trainings and have actually facilitated the training myself. The training style that impressed me most is the participatory approach used by the liberal political foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and its affiliation, Council of Asian Liberals & Democrats.

The training organised by them usually engage all participants. Not much input would be given by a moderator or a facilitator but it has to come from participants. I think this approach in a way capture the attention of the participants more. They would sit there with different perspective. The training will be so boring if they do not share their knowledge and experience. On the other hand, it will be so interesting if they participate actively and contribute to the training. At the end of each training conduted with this approach, participants usually say “you really need to concentrate on the discussion and when you concentrate you tend to think whether to agree or to disagree and this usually followed by a lively discussion or debate”.



One response

27 08 2006

Good organiser + Marvellous speaker + co-operative participants= good training. 🙂

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