Gulmina Bilal

7 09 2006

Gulmina Bilal
Gulmina Bilal is a charming, political and outgoing young lady from Pakistan. She is very much interested in politics and regularly contributes her political thoughts in her weekly column in the Pakistan newspaper, The Post.
Due to her interest in politics, she has played an important role in the creation of Liberal Forum Pakistan and is currently joining the liberal political foundation: Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

She writes about Pakistani politics from a liberal perspective in her blog and also in her website

I met Gulmina for the first time in October 2004 when we attended the seminar on Moderation skill in Gummersbach, Germany. She was so active in the discussion and had contributed so much in the seminar. I was so impressed her leadership character. Our friendship started from there but did not end there.

We met again in June 2005 when she came for a conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I invited her to give a talk to a few groups of people there on women place in politics and liberal activism in Pakistan. Oh, also i managed to podcast interview her, Friedrich Naumann Foundation Malaysia.

After that trip, i thought it would be sometimes before we meet again. Well, i did not have to wait long as we were again in the same seminar on Political Communication in the Digital Age in Taipei, Taiwan in early September. She is a colleague who I always enjoyed meeting with…



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23 11 2006

Hey, I must agree with you. I met Gulmina two months back when she was in Quetta to arrange a day-long seminar on ” Balochistan: The way forward”.
She is really an all-rounder. Not many people have got so many abilities at the same time. A good speaker, a convincing debator and an enlightening writer.

17 12 2009
Suleman Anwer

Excellent trainer , very nice woman, Awsome presenter and moreover she is an asset of INDIVIDUALLAND.

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