Democracy or Democrazy in Thai capital?

21 09 2006

Surprise or not so surprise, the military take over in the Thai capital in the night of Tuesday 19th September 2006.

I was in bed when the phone rang. I ignored it for three times and then thought the caller must have something urgent otherwise she/he would not have called. It was indeed an emrgency! There was a coup d’ etat and soldiers were asked to return to their posts, my friend said. Once I hung up, I received another call giving the same information and asked me to turn on television. I finally did with anxiety of course. The very first question came to my mind was why now! What triggered the military to act now? I called some friends to find some answers and it seemed that the former Prime Minister had delcared the state of emergency via television satellite broadcasted on Modern Nine TV about one hour prior to the military coup. Also he ordered the Army Chief to be posted in the Prime Minister Office under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister Chidchai. Ummmm… there was at least a reason…

The coup, like elsewhere in the world, is undemocratic. I am sure that the Army Chief and other leaders in the Council of the Administrative Reform know so well that their act would meet with some bloody or bloodless resistance. But lucky that so far there is not so much resistance. Listening to their view during the press conference it seemed they gave more weight on the necessity of their act.

Did we have democracy under Thaksin regime? Were there any independent institutions to check and balance the act and conduct of the Govt? Does the military take over destroy the existing or non-existing democracy? Have we had democracy or just democrazy under telecome tycoon?

Many people now are criticising that the Thais are so familiar with the military take over, so they are ok with another one. This is rather unfair statement. Who would want a military take over unless that is deemed the last and necessary alternative. Of course, they could have waited for the election to take place either in November or December 2006 and let the majority decide who should rule the country. That way we will have a democratic government. But if they have to go through that process, you know well that Thai Rak Thai is going to win again as the majority will vote for them. Then the dissatisfying middle class and educated minority will again restart their street protest and again a never ending political fight….the divide of the society at large.

I personally do not think that military takeover is the right way out but yet it may be a necessary way out. Now it is time to be patient…let’s wait and see if the Army Chief will keep his promise to leave the leading post in two weeks. Also important is who is going to be selected as a civilian Prime Minister. Who will involve in political reform and will we have fresh, free and fair election in 2007. It is too early to judge but to observe and absorb information from as many channels as possible. Listen to an Interview given to



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21 09 2006
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