Political Communication in the Digital Age

21 09 2006

Politics is about how you communicate, I was told in the opening of the workshop on “Political Communication in the Digital Age” here in Taipei, Taiwan on 6th September 2006. If liberal politics is about empowerment of individual this workshop has certainly empowered me as an individual.

Well, communication online is not new but some others modern communication tools like Vlog sound so distance. I have heard about it but have never actually tried to learn about it. This workshop gave me two opportunities: to create my official blog and to have my first podcast interview.

In fact, before I joined this workshop I attended a New Media Training oraganised by SEACeM. There I learnt about wordpress, joomla and websitebaker and somehow managed to have my own blog. Here in Taipei, what I did was just to try to improve my writing skill. I always take more time to think and delete what I wrote. By the end of the day, I spent more time on judging my own statement, too afraid of what my friends might have read about it and how they would feel and have produced nothing. I remember a colleague who said that blogigng is a personal diary. There is no right or wrong about your writing, it is your personal opinion. Realising this, I tell myself, it is not bad to blog after all.



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22 09 2006

Yes, I would say that we shared the same thoughts. I once reluctant about writing about how I feel and how I view issues on my blog ( my personal blog) due to the same reason. I dont want to put myself in such a position that my readers can judge me, and know too much of my inner thoughts. Yet now I realised that this is just another good way of communicating with people. Kudos!!! 🙂

30 04 2007
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