Gun and Roses

22 09 2006

How many times do we see this “Gun and Roses”? Not so often. It is rather unusal, I must say. When we see soldiers with guns, we tend to think of violence and conflict. But at this critical period in Bangkok, the image of the soldiers are protrayed or looked upon differently at least to a few Thais. They calimed their reaction reflected the need of the people. I know some may ask “HOW would they know what do people really want?”. The question was asked by a Thai journalist at the press conference as well. The Army Chief said he took note of the way the press reports about the situation, the demonstration led by the People Alliance for Democracy (PAD) and also the number of cases filed against the government.

This picture reflects the mix feeling most of the Thais have right now. Some of them understand that the military coup is undemocratic and is an easy way out. The Council of Administrative Reform should not have abolished the constitution. They could have the PDA to demonstrate on Wednesday 20th September 2006 as planned and intervened thereafter if they failed. On the other hand, most of them are relief that finally there was a kinght, even on a black horse, to improve the crisis….

Every military coup tends to meet with resistance. Tonight there expect to be a gathering of a group of people who are against the military take over at Siam Paragon, “Wear Black to Death Democracy Campaign”. I don’t really know who organise this but it seems the news have spreaded so widely. I am not going to be there as I don’t know the intention of the organiser and more importantly there is a big question mark if this would open up a channel for a second coup to take place. Who is behind this? We know that the Military are split into two camps and their fight are not yet over. So I am a bit sceptical…as usual…

It was reported that over 300 community radio stations were asked to close. Reporters are asked to report only the truth, no speculation and personal opinion…(how can that be? or rather should it be that way?). Should the Council of Administrative Reform apply tight control on the media, especially online media? Obviously not. The fall of Thaksin was due partly to his mismagement of the press. Just hope that Gen Sondhi will not repeat the same mistake. There is nothing wrong to allow people to express their views. I understand that we are now in a critical period and wrong inforamtion from Thaksin’s camp can only ruin the country more. But let people decide whether to believe or not to believe the information they read or hear. The channels to consume news are now so limited. Nothing much can be reported on television, most community radio stations are close, many radio programmes can not discuss politics, certain chat room are close…..lucky that the internet is still running….what channel is left for information to be distributed. That explains why now many university students go back to the basic, giving out flyers and working against the government underground.



One response

27 09 2006

it is the war of the information age, the digital war room.

propaganda-ing in the cyberworld not only involve mastery of the channel (ISP, internet access) but also mastery of the audience (attracting the audience).

however the handicap of info-tech is that it does not reach the other end of the digital divide – the grass root.

therefore, before the gap is closed, canvasing remain the ‘plan B’. yup they would try to close down all the ‘plan B’s e.g. amateur radio etc.

every party fight to proff their case, the people are left in awe of info explosion.

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