2 10 2006

Most of Thais heard of ET or E Thi, a disabled Burmese lady fortuneteller, whom Thaksin and many Thai politicians were alleged to consult with for their political activities. The Nation has an article about her. This photo is taken from www.2bangkok.com
Rumors that she advised Thaksin to leave Thailand from 8-22 September since a dark fate had befallen and as such he would be better off if he could stay in some foreign lands and come back after 29 September when his star would be brightened up again. He did actually take a long trip abroad but with no actual date of return. I recalled a statement of Prasong Soonsiri on the 19th of September that Thaksin may have to take a long trip abroad and may not be able to return to his home country at all. It is funny how one knew in advance what would happen a few hours later…that Thaksin has to sleep in a strange foreign land for who knows how long….

Well well well, there is another theory to rebut this argument that his trip has nothing to do with black magic or the advise of ET. He took the trip with the intention to make a strategic plan to change the entire political system of the country – mainly to abolish or limit the power of the monarchy.

This is not the first time we heard that Thaksin followed the advise of fortunetellers to rule the country or to take any political action. In November 2005, he refused to continue his weekly “Meet the Press” programme by giving a reason that Mercury was aligned directly with his star and he would not comment anything until the planets were back to in a favourable alignment. Could it be that it has nothing to do with the alignment of the star but that his ministers asked him not to speak the press as he tended to give confusion statement which often contradicated with whatever his ministers had to say?

Also early this year, he complained about the realignment of the stars that went against his fortune. Mercury moved backwards while Saturn came in between to overshadow his personal star. He protrayed he had followed the advise of one of his minister, who is known to consult Khmer voodoo or black magic for his political action, to run away from Bangkok. It was so convenient that during his time in At-Samat trying to win the heart of the grassroots there, his wife and children were selling off Shin Corporation worth Bt 73 billion.

What if Thaksin really believes in astrology? People, who consult with any fortuntellers, know well that when their fortunes or star are falling, travelling abroad can help brigthened up their stars. This is acceptable for people to believe and follow as the impact will be on them who believe and not the others. But for a prime minister to believe and follow any suggestion of a fortuneteller is rather unacceptable.

Very often Thaksin said that he does not believe in astrology. But how often has he referred to or coin with astrology in his political communication with the press and with the public. Why did he do that? Was it becuase he knew that many Thais believe in astrology and he likes to make a fool out of it…

No matter whether he truly believes in astrology, I recalled my sister’s comment that anyone who deeply belive in fortunetelling and black magic can neve prosper forever. They tend to fail in a minute they thought they have everything in control…can this be applied to Thaksin Shinnawatra? I think this can be applied to any leaders who are too confident and fool enough to think that they can actually own a country…



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