Onground lottery betting

6 10 2006

Talking about lottery, one has to accept that it is an individual choice whether or not to gamble. For gamblers, lottery betting is a hope though with a big if.

Acting justice permanent secretary Charan Pakdeetanakul has proposed recently that the jackpot prize of the government two- and three-digit lottery be written off as it turns more people to gambling addicts and do not have a will to work hard for a better future. The media was urged not to publicise the stories about lottery jacpot as it would lure people deeper into gambling.

The two- and three-digit lottery was launched by Thaksin Shinawatra, claiming that it would remove underground lottery operations. However, it is evident today that not only the underground lottery operations remain, the channels of lottery betting have also increased.

To wipe out the jackpot prize may not be a solution for people to work hard for their future. If they like lottery betting, they find way either underground or onground. The most important qustion we should ask is where did / does the lottery sale revenue go? Thaksin calimed that part of it went to support education of rural students, but rumors that the lottery money was used to support Thak Rak Thai party. Is it now time to raise the question how we do with the lottery money?



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