Proper speaking: do not mix Thai with English???

6 10 2006

Listening to my favourite radio programme on the way to work this morning about the preference of the Malaysian Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Rais Yatim who encourage Malaysian not to mix national language with English, other wise they may be fined. He himself once said that if he has to deliver his speech to foreign guests in Malaysia he would do it in bahasa only reasoning that has attended a few forums overseas where the hosts gave speeches in their own national languages.

How about Thailand? Do Thai people mix Thai and English when they speak among themselves? Is it appropriate to do so? If not, what can the government do about it or rather what can we do about it?

It is difficult to say if we should not mix local language with English, especially so for those who study overseas. Yet, when listening to someone like Abhisit Vejacheeva, the leader of Democract Party here, who spent many years in England and never mixed local language with English, those oversea students should re-think why they tend to mix Thai with English.
Remeber when Thaksin was in power, he liked to mix English when giving an interview to local press. CEO style governor is his creation. The king commented on it during the televised speech prior to his birthday last year.

While being able to communicate in English is useful in this galobalised world, it is not necessary to mix national language with English to show that you can speak and understand English. It is OK to speak proper Thai to Thais and to speak proper English to foreigners.



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