No Alcoholic Beverage: if you are below 25?

18 10 2006

A loud applause following a wise decision of the interim cabinet on new alcohol law proposed by the Public Health Minister to be reassessed…(a temporary reflief to many i guess)!!!

The new bill proposes raising the minimum age of alcohol buyers from 18 to 25 years old…(how can this kind of proposal come up in the first place?)

This has been the talk of the town as many wonder how do they identify which person is at least 25 years of age who will then be allowed to buy alcohol drinks legally? I would not be able to know unless i really look at the identification card and start calculating their date of birth… People who are above 18 are free to buy alcoholic drinks for years, so a ban on people under 25 years old of age is not funny and not at all easy. Not only that it is difficult to implement control measure but the Bill will receive widespread resistence, especially among the young below 25. Drinking, for some people, is a way of socialising…for them it is no harm to have a night out with friends drinking and enjoying themselves. It is an individual choice of the grown up…So what will be the likely outcome of the working group (comprising of ministries of education, Commerce, Industry and Social Development and Human Security) to reassess the new alcohol bill…shall wait and see…but hope that they do take the heart of young or not so young people into consideration…

Another related issue, a ban on alcohol ads and restrictions on alcoholic-beverage sales including discounts and promotional gimmicks for the sale of alcoholic beverages can be considerd as morally good but rather unrealistic. If the intention is to reduce the number of alcohol consumers a ban on the ads alone would not help much as that would only hurt the local brands. The foreign alcoholic beverage brands can still advertise in foreign magazines and live television braodcast. Another discrimination to the local….isn’t it?

To drink or not to drink is a decision an individual has to make…with or without advertisement people still drink…but if the government wants to go ahead with enforcing the new bill, they have to sort out how to implement the control measure and also how not to discriminate the local producers and sellers…ummm not so easy…



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