Hot Seat: Speaker of the NLA

20 10 2006

So now we have the 242 newly-appointed members of the National Legislative Assembly, handpicked by Council for National Security and divided by their professions…(of all the various professions, 14.46% come from the military and 17.77% are retired officials, no surprise right?)

…but a hot topic now is …who is going to sit as the speaker…Meechai Ruchu-phan or Prasong Soonsiri…a former legal advisor to Thaksin or a Thai CIA and a main opponent to Thaksin’s rule?

Rumors of bloc voting for Meechai Ruchuphan as the NLA Speaker may further exacerbate the distrust of people towards both the CNS and the government…(remember afterall the martial law is still there). Many people were not so much against the CNS mainly because they wanted to get rid of Thaksin so badly and not becuase they supported the coup. They are not keen on having the military ruled the country…There was a strong criticism when the CNS appointed a legal panel to draft an interim charter that was led by Meechai (former Senate speaker). However, faced with strong public opposition he resigned after the draft charter was promulgated. He had played key roles in drafting the 1997 Consitution and had served under the deposed Thaksin government, although he had resigned long before the coup.

It is a high time for the CNS whether to go against public criticism in regards to the speaker post of the NLA and give it to Meechai Ruchuphan…ummm can we expect a surprise from the CNS…as the card may be too high a risk to gamble…



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