Should Thaksin be returned to Thailand?

6 11 2006

Nowhere like home…so Thaksin has pledged to return to his home country ever since he left Thailand in September…Will he has a chance or will the CNS allow him to come back, if yes when? Some may have a differrent set of questions: Should Thaksin ever be returned? What will happen next if he is able or allowed to come back?

Talks about Thaksin’s wish to come home are daily news and the issue is often linked to the dangerously widespread of the underground activities. Such activities mentioned continuously involve the burning of schools in Kampangpetch and others Northeast areas, understandably areas Thaksin remains strongly popular.

C NS has always insisted that Thaksin’s homecoming will exacerbate the situation as his return would bring the group of underground people to combine with other supporters to challenge the viability of the CNS. But how long can the CNS keep him oversea! He will try to seek all possible ways to come home, like latest rumors that he is now in Chiengmai. Let’s bring secret to the open to avoid destructive rumors.

Question is why does the CNS have to make the underground activities so secret and fearful. If Thaksin’s supporters would like to come to Bangkok and fight the Bangkokian people, let them come and fight in the open. If the issue remains burried, rumors will further spread which is not healthy news for anybody. Thaksin has the rights to come back and defend himself. If we like to find out whether he has been wrong on certain cases filed against him let’s put him on trial and let’s the judge and the law prove his guilt.



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