Another coup in the Thai capital?

15 01 2007

Widespread rumour and suspicion about another coup by a group of retired military general financially supported by former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinnawatra especially after the New Year’s Eve bombing worry the Thai public to a greatest extent…

Who did it and why was it on the New Year’s eve? Some linked it to former military general Chavalit Yongjaiyuth who went to see Thaksin in China a few days prior to the explosion in the capital. Yet, it was a theory not many experts believed. Second is the involvement of the police since the chief of police was not at the scene in Bangkok on the day but was reported by the police spokeperson to be on duty in the southern Thailand. Third theory linked to the insurgent in the South – a theory that only a limited group of influential people would like the public to believe. Latest theory has it that some retired military have been involved as they were displeased with the decision of the Council for the National Security to exclude them…too many theories to offer…yet we are even more confused who actually did this kind of terrible and unacceptable action…

W ill there be another coup? Noone likes the unexpect to happen. Let’s hope that the opponent to the society has achieved their objective to discredit the CNS and that with the tigthen up security measure it would be more difficult for the same group to repeat the same horrible act. However, it is very certain that if we have one more then forget about the progress we can make domestically, regionally and internationally.



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