New threats and challenges in the Thai society

15 01 2007

I have recently attended a dialogue on New Draft of Thai Constitution and New Threats and Challenges in the Thai society at Thammasat University. The panel discussion focused on the problem and direction of new draft of Thai Constitution. As experts are aware that most members of National Legislative Assembly are pro the previous power so there is a reason to be worried how the new draft will be developed. One panelist made an interesting note that the new draft would not be guided by “Green Flag” but will be guided by “Yellow Flag” or the Royal Institution.It sounds possible if we take into consideration the recent development including wearing yellow t-shirt regularly and etc. But still people who are pro the previous power would prepare laws for Thaksin to return to power in the forseeable future. It is interesting to see how these two components will coexist in the new draft.

I think the immediate challenge and threat to the Thai society is how to be well aware and be informed of the development within and outside the country. Economically self-sufficiency is a policy to follow and social harmony is a policy we should cherish.



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