Political inexperience of CNS

18 01 2007

The handling of CNS in regards to former prime minister Thaksin’s latest inviterview with the CNN showed how politically inexperience the whole team is. Barring the media not to report or show the content of the interview has actually urged more people to search for it from other sites if not CNN itself.

Instead of taking it as a golden opportunity for them to show strength and fight back, they appeared to be fearful of any move the former prime mister makes. Their weaknesses or political inexperienced have been noted and utilised for the benefit of their opponent – Thaksin’s camp.

There is actually nothing to be worried about Thaksin’s interview with the CNN. Also there is nothing new about Singapore’s support to the deposed prime minister. With the mishandling of the entire situation of the CNS, nwo they ruin the already not so good relations with Singapore. This not to mention the worsening of relations with the local and foreign media. Claiming that they came to restore democracy, should they use their power to block freedom of expression?



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