Frequent travellers warned…Suvannabhumi Airport may be temporarily closed

29 01 2007

Thais are frustrated with the latest news about the damages and ongoing repairs at Suvarnabhumi airport and also the possibility to reuse Don Muang airport for some domestic flights.

Problems at Suvernabhumi airport existed even before the official opening last September but the most pressing one, found recently, is the case of runway and taxiway cracks. Repairs are underway…but people already felt unsafe in using the airport and the damages and ongoing reapirs would tarnish the country’s reputation in the eyes of foreigners…which may have an impact on investment…this has added salt on the wound.

When it was open for offcial use in September 2006, people were happy and the previous government under Thaksin Shinawatra was praised as they managed to get the project done. While we were proud with our new airport – the most sophisticated one in Asia or a hub of Asia, some realised that the corruption behind the project would soon be revealed which could ruin the airport to a greatest extent. The damage is not difficult to be forseen. Constructors bade for highest price with lowest quality materials guaranteed since they seemed to have personal connection with some influential people in the former cabinet. Who else should be responsible for this failure, if not the previous government.

A news report in Bangkok Post revelas the poll carried out by the Suan Dusit that 48 percent of those polled said “rampant corruption” was responsible for the cause of problems that have troubled Suvarnabhumi since it began its operations in September. Question is whether the current govenrment can speed up the graft investigation and get those who have participated in corrupt activities punished. Look at their slow response and no direction in their action to the New Year’s eve bombing, people should not expect that they can do much anyway.



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