Thai National Police Chief Transferred

6 02 2007


as expected…national police chief Kowit Wattana was transferred to Council for National Security , which is considered by the Thai public as an inactive post. The decision was reached yesterday after a few weeks of rumors. The transfer is presumably a direct result from the lack of progress in the police investigation process into the New Year Eve’s bombing in Bangkok and more recently when grenades were fired from an M-79 launcher into compound of the Daily News office building and the parking area of the adjacent Rama Garden hotel…the transfer did not come as surprise since the military perceive Pol Gen Kowit Wattana as cronies of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as there seemed to be anticipation that he would be removed from the post since Thaksin was removed by the Sept 19 coup d’etat.

True to expectation, outspoken deputy police chief and police spokesman Achirawit Suphanphesat annouced his resignation from the police service as a result of Pol Gen Kowit’s transfer. The Thai public will miss, if he’s gone. He has been outspoken and i must say quite a character whom i found very politically entertaining to listen to…

Who is the next national police chief? Is he favourable to the Council for National Security (CNS)?


Seripisuth Temiyavej: acting national police chief

“I will do my best in this position to serve the country and want all policeman to be united…”

Seripisuth has his image as outspoken and incorruptible police officer who has widespread recognition among the public. The image i came to known him as a public figure long time ago. I remember he had performed his service to the last government…and wonder why the CNS agreed to take him in? The question is that if the CNS tried not to involve Thaksin’s cronies why offered the position to him. Yet, of course, in the public eyes Seripisuth is clean and a knight to fight bad policemen. We should now develop wait and see appraoch…to check if he is fit to the job…it is a huge task to catch the real criminal who committed bombings…and if he is underperform…will the CNS again transfer him?

The only worry is that the transfer has been done fairly and acceptable to the majority in the police service. How respectable the new police chief is to the police force? Can he live up to the CNS expectation? Is it enough to only be an outspoken leader, without any real potential to lead such an important and powerful service of the nation.



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