They won the game, we won the heart

7 02 2007

It is rather a better ending afterall…

Singapore won the game following the home and away goal, but the Thai team won the heart of the nation at large…they were sad they lost but they were also happy to see the Thai team fought with good spirit and to the fullest of their capabilities.

It does not matter that we lost as there is always time for them to improve and come back stronger to win the game.

The game ended quite peacefully but the sense of conflict between the people of the two nations remain…as long as the Singaporean government receives and treats Thai former prime minister as guest of state and their harsh statement towards the Thai government.

Many or more than half of Thais do travel to Singapore for short holiday break. But if you seriously ask what do they of think of Singaporean people, the answer you will get is a negative one. Adding the current political development – perhaps starting with Temasek deal leading to the reception of Thaksin and CNN interview – to this personal distaste, one can forsee the direction of their relations – what else if not a growing tension and distaste.



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