Politico-Military Party – will it be formed?

14 02 2007

Doubts about the intention of some military rules to stay on in power and form a politico-military party can not go away even after the Prime Minister’ live television interview last night (13 February 2007).

He said that it would not work out well for some military leaders to go into politics. Those top leaders may not have enough money to do so, he explained. This explanation is arguable since some top military leaders, as we know, are rich to superrich. They are not as rich as the former prime minister Thaksin, but they can afford to have luxurious life style. Where are their alternative sources of finance? Is there any link of their wealths to the corruption culture in the armed forces?

Should some military leaders successfully form a politico-military party, it would be the end of political hitory in Thailand. Disregard the concern that it will ruin our international image, but can they tune their military attitudes to ordinary Thais. Some, of course not all, military leaders are known to be too proud and look at themselves as outstanding / priviledge class in the society. They must be respected and honoured. Will the Thais accept it willingly? If not will they be forced to accept?

If military leaders form a politio-military party and finally come to rule the country (whether through free but not fair election process), their presence would divide the already divided society and would ruin the already wounded economy and political instability.



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