Relative Autonomy in Thai South

20 02 2007

What is happening in our deep south? Since the military took over there was high hope that the situation would get better. The military are familiar with the area and they have concrete strategy to fight trouble makers in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat.

With coordinated bombings two days ago in Yala, I believe the chance for the military to have a complete control of the situation is rather limited. The incidence showed the incredibility of military news agency and lost of direction of the government. They should have been warned, should not they? How could they let the entire city of Yala in the dark for hours. Those trouble makers could have taken control in some of the areas and the goevernment was just lucky that it did not happen.

I always trust my theory when discuss about the conflict in the south. It has been and it still is a fight between the police and the military, between those who gain and those who lose benefit. The external involvement has complicated the situation but has never been the cause of conflict per se. As long as the rift between those exist, conflict in the south can never be solved.

What is the likely solution? Can the government consider to offer relative autonomy to the majority of people in those three provinces? Can they live the way they like under the central govenrment control. Relative autonomy is not as scary as people think. It is a way to release tension and allow people to have their own way of living and beliving. A complete military control will only intensify the already heated tension and will exacerbated the already bad relations between the majority of people and the state. It is a difficult decision for one to make but sooner or later the government will have to face this option anyway…



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