Thaksinomic vs Self-sufficiency economy = Somkid Jatusripitak?

21 02 2007

Quickly done than expected!

Prime Minister Surayud Julonont appointed Somkid Jatusripitak, former finance minister for the Thaksin government, as a chairman of a special committee in charge of explaining sufficiency economy to the world and especially foreign media, less than a week ago.

Why? Somkid is believed to be economic architect of the Thaksin government and staunch supporters of the Thasinomics. Although Somkind argued the opposite but people still believe it otherwise. This supposed to be the main motivated force to appoint him as the chairman of the sufficiency economy envoy to prove the efficiency of sufficiency economy and to disqualify Thasinomic economy. If he was a strong supporter of Thasinomic then he should be the one explaining it to the world how bad Thaksinomic theory was.

The end: under heated pressure from the minority in the Bangkok capital especially after the press conference held by the People’s Alliance for Democracy yesterday, Somkid submitted his resignation today.



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