Security Alert: More bombings in Bangkok!

27 02 2007

Bomb in Bangkok
Never though that I would see or experience this in my own country – bomb scare. It was normal in London to face with this situation but not here in Thailand.

It was annouced recently by the Defence Minister Boonrawd Somtas of intelligence warnings of disruption in Bangkok between March and April. This warning is taken seriously by the urban people. It can be noticed very easily in many shopping malls where the Bangkokian people like to spend their weekend. There are less people as they are afraid of bombs.

The possible cause may involve extension of action of insurgent from the deep south but can not leave the military involvement. Some suspect that the military incited this activity as they wanted people to feel insecure and that only the military are capable of protecting them. Both theories are possible.

Whatever the root cause of the viloence might be, it has changed the life style of the Thai public, at least for a short while. They tend to stay away from the public / crowded venue like shopping mall.

The next bombings in Bangkok will be in a larger scale and with a larger consequence. The one on the New Year Eve was just to test the water and to point finger to the former prime minister. However, when i think about it more seriously this theory is not really viable. May be it was the Police. May be it was some military involvement. Military love the country and respect the King but are they all the same. Everywhere there are black sheep or soldiers who are out of the line…



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