Another Resignation:M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula

8 03 2007

When the former finance minister of the previous government Somkid Jatusripitak resigned from his post as a chairman of special envoy to explain self-sufficiency economy – the position appointed by Prime Minsiter Surayud Chulanont, it seemed to solve the rift between the Prime Minister and Deputy and Finance Minister M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula. M.R. Pridiyathorn was asked by the Prime Minister to join the government after the military coup in September last year. However, the rift could not be cured. He submitted resignation after intensive media criticism especially a television programme on Channel 11 run by a media tycoon, Sothi Limthongkul.

Pridiyathorn called for a press conference to explain why he decided to quit cited two main reasons: First the intensity of media criticism and second is the internal rift within the government. He said that the position given to Somkid was unnecessary. He as the finance minister was able to explain the new economy theory to the world. Personally i think he was right in questioning the PM’s decision. If it was to damage and discredit Thasinomic economy theory, the government did not need to appoint its achitect to tell the world how bad it was. I can not see the necessity of referring to Thaksinomic economy theory. Would not it be more relevant to focus on the new self-sufficiency economy theory. It was a wrong move from the beginning to ask Simkid to join. The government could have asked for Pridiyathorn’s opinion and could have asked for his consent before appointing Somkid and created a new but short-lived special envoy.

It was true that many people distrusted Pridiyathorn right from day one. He had been looked upon as too close to Thaksin and that he might have his position in the government only to securely protect Thaksin and his family. Sincerity is something that is difficult to measure and it takes long time to prove.

The appointment of Somkid and his resignation followed by another resignation of Pridiyathorn show the public once again the inexperience, lack of direction and the instability of the current government.



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