Supersticious or mentally unstable

13 03 2007

Some say there is only a thin line to differentiate between those who are mentally unstable and those who are poised by black magic / superstition. The case of Dr. Prakitpao Tomtitchong, the owner of the famous Apply Physics Institution and who is now admitted at the Srithanya Hospital – a hospital to cure those who have unstable mental condition – fits in this grey area.

His family found him acted stragely then took him to Srithanya Hospital. He somehow made a call to his girlfriend and asked for help. When discussed about his case with people I have two set of answers. First, he was superstitious and was poised by his girlfriend. But since black magic can not be proved people choose to use the pretext of science to explain it. Second, his girlfriend and her team has introduced Dr. Prakitpao to some kind of drugs and that made him metally unstable. I think it is a matter of proof. Scientifically it can be proved of his mental illness whereas superstitiously it can not.



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