It is your turn: “CNS Get Out”

16 03 2007

Last year, we heard “Thaksin Get Out” and the counter statement “If you can get him out now who do you want to get rid of next”.

It is now clear that there are people who have been against the military coup and unsatisfied with the work of the military government led by a so called civilian prime minsiter and his cabinet members. This kind of anti-government activity can have a greater impact than the govenrment might have though especially if the group get financial support from the old power cliques.

W e should expect to see these activities expanded just like the one led by People’s Alliance for Democracy or PDA led by Sondhi Limthongkul. How to stop the group from growing? Perhaps a second coup or bloodshed fighting? Both ways can only deterriorate the already bad economy of the country, this is not to mention about the damage of the country’s image internationally.



One response

22 03 2007

yup that is very true

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