Don Muang: Can’t get away from it for so long!

28 03 2007

Remember last article i wrote about it was its farewell…Thought a chance to rewrite it was zero, history would never be re-written! Well, some might have expected this – the reopening of our old Don Muang airport. Discussion about its reopening had been ongoing until early March when the cabinet reached the decision to allow three airlines to operate their domestic flights from Don Muang including Thai Airways, Nok Air and One-two-Go by Orient Thai.

The operation at Don Muang when it reopened on 25th March 2007 went smooth as silk while several problems at Suvarnnabhumi continue as usual. It is amazing to hear a story from my sister during our dinner that her colleague from Germany had to wait for over six hours at Suvannabhumi airport on the very day of the reopening of Don Muang when the story went the opposite way.

Suvannabhumi was Thailand’s pride especially when it had not yet been operated. Later, it was considered as a monument of failure of Thaksin Government. What is it now? It is really in a mess and I wonder if the government know exactly what to do with it. Also, should not we ask our military leaders why do they really push for the reopeining of Don Muang?



2 responses

11 05 2007
Yeen Seen

Perhaps there is something similar to our KLIA and Subang Airport? At least you have the ‘Rerise of Don Muang’, and we have to travel another 10km to LCCT. so??

22 10 2008

nice article thank.

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