Imposing Emergency Decree: Rights to demonstration versus national security

28 03 2007

It is a simple, easy but irrational decision of the government if it is going to impose emergency decree in Bangkok with the aim to control protesters who announced to stage a rally against the government and the Council for National Security at Sanam Luang on Friday 30th March 2007.

This protest has been a continutation of their series of street protest stated early March. Deatisl of the protest at Sanam Luang on Sunday 18th March 2007, a day prior to six-month anniversry of the coup since 19 September 2006, are provided in hicomrade.

This coming weekend, several group of people especially the ex-Thai Rak Thai MPs plan to stage an anti-governmetn protest at Sanam Luang and the military threaten to deploy more forces allegedly to prevent the rally from getting out of hand. They refer to laws of other countries, especially Malaysia, that protesters must seek permission from authorities to prevent innocent citizens from getting injured from clashes at the rally. So far, the military have not applied strict measures against the protesters with the fear that the situation may get out of hand like it did in May 1992. However, my question is that we did not need to apply for permit for our gathering why do we need it now? Why the military like to impose laws and give orders? More and more of laws and orders and there will be lesser and lesser room for people to breath!

Since the military came to power after the September coup, people gradully feel that it was a mistake to invite and allow them to rule the country. They tend to handle the situation in their own way – deploying more and more forces. They came to the political scence with people hope but they have recently turned to their true military form. Now they have the power in hand and it will be difficult to let go.

It is very interesting to see the way they handle the protest this coming weekend. Would they reconsider not to impose emergency decree and let people demonstrate? The number of protesters are surely not many. Will the military have another rational and logical solution to this emergency situation!!!



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