Should we have a new prime minister?

3 04 2007

Of late, we hear so often that the head of National Security Council may prefer to have somebody else in the position of Thai Prime Minister. Gen Surayud Chulanont is considered by the military chief as very slow in handling million cases against the former government under Thaksin leadership. Should we follow Gen Sodhi Boonyaratkarin advise and agree to have a new prime minister?

One question that come to mind is whether all the good and capables people will accept the postion. Will their scarifice their reputation to save the country which is in the mess and more importantly will they listen to advice given by CNS. Not a chance! Latest poll survey by ABAC poll revealed that 62% do not like to change the prime minister. He is a good person and clean. So what do the people want? This is easy to answer: instead of chaning the prime minister, they would love to see the military departure from the political scence. Their involvement have complicated and exacerbated the situation.

Chances for the military to distance themselves from politics is minimal. The military cheif has sent his wife to consult with a fortuneteller in Chiangmai yesterday, perhaps consulting if there is a possibility for him to assume a premiership role himself!!!



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