Visited East Malaysia: Sarawak and Sabah

19 04 2007

Since I started working with Malaysians three years ago, I had always visited West Malaysia particularly its modern capital city: Kuala Lumpur. Until recently, I have a chance to make a brief visit to East Malaysia, both in Kuching in Sarawak and Kota Kinnabalu in Sabah.


I was not aware of the differences between the East and the West. I though there should not be much different since they are still part of a single unity. But stories shared by and discussions with locals had broadened my knowledge on the relations between the East and the West, the way of life and thinking of the local East.

p1010260.jpgWhat to buy in Sarawak?p1010263.jpg

Above pictures were taken while I went shopping in Kuching. There are a lot of souvenir shops around the waterfront area. I had not enough time to go around the town but was fortunate enough to have a few hours to buy a ratten mat for my home.


I always believe that people whom you travel with or whom you met can make your trip interesting or boring! It was so fortunate that this trip I was accommpanied by a few interesting people and met with a lovely foreigner and friendly Sabahan people. Premesh Chandran is a friend who I enjoyed meeting with. He involves in online media in Malaysia and always share with me what the latest technology can offer in political communication. Tomoko Takahashi is a sweet Japanese lady whom I met at the Sunday Market in Kota Kinnabalu. Within a few minutes of chat, we exchanged email addresses and promised to send photos after we returned to our home country. A promise I have kept. Last but not least important person whom I met and was so impressed with his hospitality is Jafery J. He shared with me a short political story of Sabah and his concern about future development in the area, especially the permission given to migrant workers to obtain identification card to provide them the voting rights.


Above photos showed a restaurant by the sea where I was taken for a dinner by local Sabahan. Next to it was the Sunday Market where people enjoyed their foot massage while shopping. The last photo is my favourite: indoor soccer game.


Now sit back and relax…. the end of my fond memory of East Malaysia.



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19 04 2007

Haha, nice update!


20 04 2007

nice narrative sharing by closed with grace smile picture. đŸ™‚

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