Say “No” to write Buddhism as the national religion in the new constitution

26 04 2007

I remember when I was driving to work one morning last week I saw a huge banner on the express way demanding all the Thai people to recognise Buddhism as the national religion in the new constitution. Then I thought who in a secular state of Thailand would follow this irrational and illogical idea. I don’t have to wait long as I seemed to get some answer from a colleague during our lunch talk. I raised the issue as it was bothering me all morning. Then she explained and shared with me some information she received from the Dharmakaya Temple in Pathumthani province, about 1 – 2 hours away from Bangkok. The temple is known for its past support to the ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinnawatra.


They believe that if we do not recognise Buddhism as the state religion then there is a chance that one day Thailand will follow Pakistan and become an Islamic state. Pakistan was believed to have some Buddhism influence and it had later become an Islamic State. The violence in the south has been deepended and the government has no clue on how to calm the situation. The military head and the chairman of the National Security Council is now a Muslim General. This is considered as a major concern to Thai Buddhist monks and one of the ways to make people socially aware is to stage street protest. As we have seen, thousand of them walked to the Parliament House…what a sad story to tell!!!


Thailand is traditionally a secular state, well respected for its tolerance of all religion beliefs. Thailand’s past 17 constitutions did not write Bhuddism as the state religion. But with 95% of majority being Buddhist we all know by heart that Thailand is a Buddhist state. Does it necessary to write so clearly that we are no more a secular state but a Buddhist state? Will this contribute to peace and security in the south? To me this can only cause religious divisions and divide the already divided Thai society. The monks claimed that we are having “moral crisis” in the country, but i wonder if having Buddhism written as the state religion in the new constitution will help shore up the moral in the country. Isn’t it more to do with what is happening in the world at large?


In my belief, Buddhist monks should not be involved in politics, especially when monks from that temple have almost million of followers. To certain extent, we live in peace and harmony throughout our entire history without having to name our religion. Why now? Should not we leave religion out of politics? To be more precised, can the old power cliques leave religion out of politics? I hope that the majority of the people says NO to the idea to write Buddhism as the national religion in the new constitution.



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26 04 2007
Thai News

Moslem terrorists have sowned the seeds of their own destruction…

26 04 2007

chronicle of Thailand existent buddhism state, leave religion out of politics keep Thailand an freedom and peace land of idea.

26 04 2007

Yes, keep my lovely Thailand secular, full stop.

27 04 2007


28 04 2007

I was searching for you and found this site. Remember me, old mate from Aberdeen. I will be in Bangkok for a few months. Would love to see you and reminiscent about old time. Email me if you are interested.

27 02 2008

Declaring Buddhism as a state religion can give a certain amount of security and protection to the entire culture of Thailand, which is solely depended on buddhist culture.

I really know at what position the government is going through, as i stay in India, and we have several part of our country in a state of patitioning as a muslim state.
The Indian government also has nothing to do, as all political parties are in a vow for Muslim appeasement, to increase their Islamic vote bank.
Believe me , the same thing is going to happen in Thailand if something is not done now.

The muslims, they really do have the diferent ideology, as they like to be ruled by the Shariah law (ETERNAL LAW in Islam which Allah gave THEM TO SECURE), and Shariah law is something like “ANYTHING UN-ISLAMIC IS EVIL”.
Thus it is fine to have a state religion for protection, because as the Muslim population goes on increasing, you may have no control in your hand, as the state runs in democracy, the government also will have to surrender in front of Islam to increase vote bank, the thing which is happening in India.

Please pardon me if i am Wrong

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