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28 05 2007


Sorry, the web site you are accessing has been closed by Royal Thai Police due to inappropriateness such as pornography, gambling or contain any information which is deemed to violate national security.

For more information, please contact “Police Information System Center” Bld#19 2nd Flr, Royal Thai Police, Rama I, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel. 0-2251-0164,
email :


Above statement was found when i tried to access the two political blogs which were considered as a threat to national security.


Not only two political blogs which give full support to the former premier have been barred by the Ministry of Communication but also a few community radio stations which aired Thaksin’s comment about two weeks ago. One question arose as to why do we need to care whatever Thaksin commented and if some community radio stations loved to air them. By paying so much attention to what he said would in a way make him a centre of attention. Whether we like it or not, Thai politics now is all about whether or not Thaksin would come back. Even for people outside the country, they often ask me how “Thaksin will fight against the military”.The reaction of the Department of Public Relations to raid and close down a few community radio stations by giving a reason that they are illegal and have no license to operate is a typical rebuttal of the government agency. I wonder if this kind of reaction does any good for the government. We all know that Mr. Thaksin has many supporters within the country. He first started by giving interview in foreign press followed by messages in his political blog and recently an interview in local community radio stations.


Instead of reacting to his move should not we just ignore Mr. Thaksin and focus on the development of our political future?


There is nothing wrong in reading or listening to Thaksin’s comment. Each individual has his or her own judgement. The more worrying issue for us to care for now is how the country will survive the current political mess and prosper economically and politically.



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5 06 2007
Yeen Seen

If politicions all think like you then there wont be politics around, but just economics. Agree?

9 12 2007
A Thai

Despite his repeat announcements to the world that he was done with politics (“Enough Is Enough”), Thaksin has publicly made comments attacking the current government & independent agencies investigating his misconducts. He has also sent messages through media to his supporters asking them to continuously support his former party & politicians whom he led. Anyone who has some commonsense would easily know that the ex-PM has been lying again. He has not & will not give up politics. With his undying but still strongly burning desire, he is playing the game of politics that he’s been so well adept to, that has helped him to become the world ranking billionaire, It’s the crucial time with the election is just 2 weeks away. His aims are clear: to stir up troubles for everyone except those who runs the People Power Party (PPP), to arouse his supporters to vote for PPP & to exploit those to support his course & fight. Stability, peace & harmony for the country & Thai people are not his goals. His hope to fight against the corruption charges & recoup his frozen assets as well as his political return in the future rest solely on PPP’s winning the election. That’s why he made the latest statements in his website. It’s a calculated move conceived to manipulate his blindly loyal supporters. Any political pundit can sense the dangerous ramifications. With his ill will toward the country & its attempt to restore democracy to the people & nation, it’s not complacent but plain stupid for any sitting government not to take the appropriate actions to prevent the fire from reigniting. Though shutting down the websties is against the democratic principle & not a fair game, it is necessary to combat against those who failed to play the game fairly & have grossly abused the system the majority of Thais are now trying to restore. Since I’m not a saint, I have no objection to the measure used by the current government to take the websites out. It’s good that he tastes his own bitter medicine. But it’ll be better if he would return to the country to personally answer the charges in the courts where he has filed suits against many people in the last few years.

29 11 2008
Kite Flyer

Thaksin is a liar, keep telling people to respect the law, while he himself is supposed to be in a prison by now. His last interview translation can be viewed at

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