Unipolar world order or back to balance of terror

4 06 2007

Reading news article in the BBC today titledRussia warns Europe in missile rowand its subtitled that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that”Moscow may target weapons at Europe if the US builds planned missile defence facilities in the region”.


The action of Moscow against its European counterpart reminds me of my discussion with lecturers when I was a student at the department of International Politics in the universities in the UK. That was when the Cold War had just ended and people were talking more about new world order whether it would be a unipolar or multipolar. Back then, it was easy to answer (but rather difficult for me to understand), many would not reject your idea if you say that in the political sphere it was going to be a unipolar where the United States played a world policeman role to go after the nuclear proliferators like the North Korea and Iran and the terrorist group in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the economic sphere, there has been multiple actors including not only the US but also the EU and some Asian powers like China and India and the issue of discussion in this sphere has been about the Free Trade Agreement.

For a while, i thought the world has changed and i have lived in a new world order be it unipolar or multipolar. The superpowers do not talk about fighting each other militarily – as it seems to many to be out of fashion to discuss about war in this new era of interdependence. How come I have been so naive in reading world politics!!! How can world powers do not fight to retain world power title???



One response

8 08 2007

this is not exactly a comment. Rather a request. please could you inform me on what exactly the role of a unipolar world would be and how it would affect humanity. it is quite urgent. please inform me soon as possible

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