Judgment Day in Thailand: fair or unfair verdict?

5 06 2007


I thought i would wait for a few days before I write about the Judgment Day. It was such a frustrated day! Not only that Thais had to wait for five hours to learn that the Democrat Party walked free and spent another 5 hours to learn about the dissolution of the former ruling party Thai Rak Thai (Thai love Thai) and the political ban on all central committee members. Yet, friends from all over seem to ask me what i think of it…


Prior to the Judgment Day, the King appeared on television advising the Constitutional Tribunal Judges to stand firm on their verdict and not to allow criticism to influence their judgment. That speech, in a way, misled people to guess that both parties might walk free. It was contradicted to my prior knowledge though. Rumours inside political circle had it that both would be dissolved and all the cc members would be barred from politics.



As the the verdicts were read, the DP must have been so pleased with the verdict as they would not have expected to turn out this way. The Thai Rak Thai’s leader said it was so unexpected. Why was it unexpected? They should have known that there is no escape for them. They should have asked the question why did the military stage a coup in the first place. Was it to eradicate Thai Rak Thai party and leaders??? A day prior to the verdict, I listened to Jaturon Chaisang, the leader of TRT, interview. He said that whatever the verdict might be he would calmly accept and respect it. A day after the verdict, he asked his supporters and ex-party colleague to form a Thai Rak Thai group to fight for justice – to restore TRT party. Well, it remains to be seen how far they can go providing that the military is still in power.


Whether the verdict was fair or unfair depends on which angle one look at. I think it was fair for DP but partly unfair for TRT. Yes, the party itself should be dissolved but perhaps not to ban all cc members from politics. To punish some black sheep should be enough, it is not necessary to sacrifice the whole lot. It is high time to watch out how TRT will fight against what they recently term it “unexpected verdict”.



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