Blending the New Media in your work

21 06 2007


How many of you used email 10 years ago or 15 years ago? This was one of the very first questions the trainers asked their participants during Bridging the New Media training cum workshop organised by Southeast Asia Center for e-Media or SEACeM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11 – 15 June 2007. I proudly nodded and hands up. I for one was fortunate to have chances to be familiar with internet in the past 10 – 15 years.


The title of the seminar is quite interesting – bridging the new media for managers. To have a full understanding of what it really meant I asked the CEO of Malaysiakini and SEACeM, Premesh Chandran – what was it all about, what was the main objectives and what inspired him? He said that normally whenever he organised ICT training, ICT people or the techky participated. In fact, they are already familiar with the technology and perhaps was not necessary for them to come. When they return to their organisations, we expect that the communication strategy of their organisation could be improved. On the contrary, the communication strategy may be discussed in the organisations but without those techky or rather that their voices were overwhelmed by communication managers – (who know how to write but know little or nothing how technology works). Moreover, the miscommunication between those techky and their managers remains unsolved as the managers could not understand the technical terms explained to them. This resulted in the planning of communication strategy without knowing they can do more and things can be done in many different ways with technology. This workshop is for managers to know how the technology works and how they can blend it in their works.


I always like the participatory approach wherever I participate in the training or workshop. This training cum workshop does not let me down, therefore a lot of contribution from the floor. The workshop did not focus exclusively on technology but also on planning and strategy, marketing and management. How do you plan your communication strategy and how the new media fits in?


So much so about the training, let’s turn now to things outside the training room. I was happy to meet other Thai and other Asian participants. We spent time after the class and below are some photos of people I met and food we enjoyed…





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