Can communication be without techology in today’s world?

21 06 2007

It was Monday morning and I saw International Herald Tribune lying on my desk. I thought my boss must have something urgent for me to read. I quickly noticed the front page article titled “Telecom Minister who does not use email. Meet the Thai who banned You Tube”. I am amazed. How come our telecomunication minister Mr. Sitthichai Paokaiyaudom said that not many people visit You Tube and that it is not an essential website! If the site is not so popular, why blocked access to it? He could not have surprised me more when he said that he finds email unnecessary and phone call is more important. I absolutely agree with the author Thomas Fuller that you can never have a telecommunication elsewhere who does not email and does not recognize the popularity of You Tube except, what he termed it, “only in the new Thailand”.

Thai Telecommunication Minister who banned You Tubeflintstone.jpg

This brought back my discussion with my boss in Kuala Lumpur last week about communication and technology. I remember I asked him if a communication manager who can write well should also know about technology so that the message can reach out more widely. Or is it ok for communication manager to write well and know nothing or little about technology. To me, communication and technology is inseparable. Technology is a communication tool and it is the way.


I discussed the issue again with my two sisters at home: how is it possible for working people to avoid using technology. She then shared with me her experience at work. She said that for her and her ex-university friends, technology has made her career in architectural working environment much easier. She can use CAD and many other related programmes to design the structure of any building. Whereas people above her age, 40 plus, would be more familiar with hand-drawing. Those group of people find it difficult to adjust to technology driven working environment and as a result tend to reject ideas of young graduates.


I always consider myself as a low technology person. But even with people like me, we think of technology as not only necessary but important communication tool now and in the future. We all have a choice either to catch up with it and live comfortably in the new world or sit back and relax let the world be flat and we don’t even notice it. I would prefer to have at least the basic knowledge on new media and fit in the world with full of new technologies…



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6 07 2007

Hi Busarin!

I found your blog.:) anyway, i agree with you. Communications and technology are inseparable nowadays. The world is really going techie now and we all have to cope with it. Good luck!

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