All about life are about chances and opportunities

27 06 2007


I title this post with chances and opportunities because without it we will fall and never reach where we are. I have been involved in many different industries and have been given so many opportunities to initiate million new things. All are possible because I have always been fortunate to have the best boss to guide me…One person in particular is Mr. Rainer Heufers.


Who is Rainer Huefers? A very kind and knowledgeable person who likes to give opportunity to people around him. Ask him about the politics in China, Malaysia and Germany and he will never disappoint you. Well, nobleman may not necessarily be kind. But he is. He has allowed me to make many mistakes in my work. I have freedom to talk to discuss to argue and to express my opinion and interest. I am very thankful to him…


He is transferring to another country – not far away but still far away. Using this space to write about him is a way to say thank and to show how much I appreciate his kindness and the opportunities he has given to me and others. I am sure he will be remembered here and will be loved there…



One response

28 06 2007

I cannot agree more. Sad to have him transferred….

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