The Battle of Classes

16 07 2007

Recent road rage case on Wednesday 4th July 2007 in Bangkok highlighted the classic battle between the rich and the poor. The case involved the son of a wealthy family who drove Mercedes and a poor bus driver. Kanpithak Pachimsawat rammed his Mercedes into a crowd at a bus stop killing one person and injuring several others. His father, Kan-anek Patchimsawat has threatened to file charges against bystanders who allegedly physically attacked his son and his car. He said that he could not allow “mob rule to be above the rule of law”. In his TV interview, he added salt on the wound by criticising that ” The poor tends to be ignorant.” “They are less educated”.




Who will win the battle? After the revelation of the case, this is the question people tend to ask. Well, it is an interesting question that has no easy answer. My sister asked me the same question and my answer is that it depends…




Although in the beginning, it seemed that Kan-anek was publicly condemned, he and his father later earned public support from the urban rich. The poor are ignorant…The bus driver normally drive carelessly… They have no education… how can we let them win over us?
What the Poor say? They want a public apology from Father and Son and for them to take full responsibility of all the injured people. This is a typical request. In Thai culture, when you are doing wrong you should say sorry and sometimes an apology from the heart is enough for people to forgive.




In a normal Thai soap-opera, the poor tends to win the case whenever they battle against the rich. The rich has the image of well-educated, arrogant, snobbish and materialistic, while the poor carry with them the image of less-educated, obedient, hardworking and always being taken advantage of.








Whatever the public verdict might be, the case has showed the existence of the battle of the rich and the poor in a modern Thai society…



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