Nuclear delivery to Asian doorstep

17 07 2007

After almost twenty years of learning about nuclear non-proliferation in Europe, now i sense some excitement about developing nuclear energy in Thailand and its neighbour Malaysia particularly after the recent visit of the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed el-Baradei to both countries from in July 2007.

The IAEA Chief has given support to Thailand to develop nuclear plant for peaceful purpose and encourage the cooperation in the area of developing infrastructure for a nuclear power plant equipped with proper security and adequate technology with the hope that economy could develop through the maximum usage of nuclear energy.

In Malaysia, the government has initiated a plan to build the first nuclear monitoring laboratory in Southeast Asia in Pahang. The aim is to allow scientists to check the safety of atomic energy programmes in the region. It is to ensure that the region is free of nuclear weapons and to provide services for countries that needed to check whether their nuclear-powered facilities were safe.




It sounds good, doesn’t it? But should not we ask why the US would like to provide its support to us? Why NOW and not before? Have Energy crisis in the West and the never ending conflict in the Middle East led the West to seek new opportunity in the East? It would be a plus if we could develop nuclear energy locally and i hope that this will not turn to be another form of dependent on the US and the West.



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