will he? will he not?

19 07 2007


it has been predicted and discussed whether or not the CNS chief Gen Sohti Boonyaratkarin who led the military coup on 19th September 2006 will join politics after his retirement from the Army Chief post at the end of September 2007. Although he has been denying, the media and the anti-military coup groups do not believe and continued to speculate which political parties he will be with Democrat Party, Chat Thai or a newly formed political party led by former military leaders.



People can keep on speculating and he will keep on denying. September is not too far ahead and we will all will know of his decision by then. However, since it is a hot issue in Thailand today I also like to share my own speculation. I discussed with a friend who is an Army General during one of my visit to Malaysia. He told me that he attended the same training course with Gen Sonthi in Hawaii a few years ago. He said that Gen Sonthi will never play a part in politics. I agree, Gen Sonthi appears to be loyal to the monarchy establishment and is likely to become a member of the Privy Council rather than a politician – a position he will never enjoy.




Some say Gen Sonthi needs a protection in case Thaksin reenters into Thai politics. The Royal institution can also protect him. It would be more dangerous to seek political protection by siding with one political party. How can he be certain that his party will win the election – by practicing free but not fair election? People can never accept a military coup leader to run the country. They will always be suspicion of devil intention of the military establishment. The last choice is perhaps for the new government to invite Gen Sonthi to assume a prominent role in the Ministry of Defence. Let’s wait and see which direction Gen Sonthi will turn to…





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