Repeated Action Repeated History

21 08 2007

bp200906-coup-detat.jpg th_r_k9.gif

Military coup and Thai politics like twin sisters. Since the political reform which led to the founding of a modern state in 1932, more than 10 military coups took place. Right from the start, the role of the king and the power of the royal institution were negotiated. While the political situation has changed under one government to the others, the role and the power of the King remain unchanged until today. The King is not a god but not an ordinary man. He should be governed under the law but he is always seen as above the law. He should not be involved in politics but to give advise to the Prime Minister. But whenever we face with political stalemate we always expect him to provide the best solution. Such solution sadly usually resulted in military coup. Right after each one, we have had new charters and constitution, totaling 16 until 2007 when we are going to have the 17th Constitution.

Some people see the military coup, especially their role in 2006 to oust the Thaksin government, as necessary evil. In a normal day, the military are seen as people at the edge, power crazy and a uniform people who should be barred from entering into politics. They only know how to use gun and bullet but do not know how to rule the country democratically. In some special days, especially when the urban middle class wanted to get rid of their political leaders, who was once seen as another necessary evil, the military were wanted. If people are still playing with their feeling and look for short-term and easy solution , we will continue to be diving in the same ocean – best solution can never be discovered.

If the political culture is difficult to change, we can expect repeated action in our history, meaning to say that a military coup and the royal intervention can be predicted in future political stalemate.



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