EU observation in the upcoming election – necessary?

4 09 2007


When the discussion about the EU proposal to observe in the upcoming election broke out, I remember the first question I asked was “What for?” Do we need one? Is it necessary? Is it something to do with the military coup last year or is it something to do with our former premier who is enjoying his best time ever with his family and his Man City team in London?

The EU proposal is met with strong opposition within Thailand. Election is a national issue and it concerns Thai national only. Although the military is running the show politically, it does not mean that we should be classified as a failed state. I am sure the government is willing to accept the EU proposal if that means just to observe an election and not to control and interfere in the aftermath. Let’s the Thais decide their own faith. They know well how to practice their democratic rights in the democratic process. They have never been colonised and will never enjoy the idea of having some external powers to exercise their power over them.



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29 09 2007

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