Die Hard 5.0: Sino-US Cyber war

5 09 2007


Reading the news in the BBC this morning about the cyber raid by the US is like watching the action film – Die Hard 4.0. Thomas Friedman in his previous book called “The World is Flat” was right in saying that technology brings benefits to both sides – the good and the bad. If secretive national information can be hacked, how could we be sure that our information will be securely kept only for our peer? People are getting used to internet as their convenient tool in their communication with the outside world, BUT do they have to sacrifice their privacy? 


This recent incident pinpoints the distrust between the US and China. It dismissed the hope that the relations between the two powers could be improved through economic partnership and open door policy of China. Finally, it proves the power struggle between the two parties – Asian Tiger VS the World policeman.



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6 09 2007
Rainer Adam

Congratulations Dr. Busarin,

we (Kun Rainer and Joyce and me) here in Bad Honnef, near Bonn, enjoy your comments and essays. Wishing you all the best.
Rainer Adam

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