Crisis of Siam

16 10 2007

crisis-of-siam-2.jpgOne late afternoon I received a telephone call from a friend who asked me to look at the video clip posted on Youtube titled “Crisis of Siam”. What was it about?, I asked. He said, “it was about the political crisis Thailand is facing – the true story. You must take a look at it now before it would be deleted”. Well, it took me a few hours though before I was ready to see the true story of his. It was basically about the plan of General Prem Tinsulanont to defame the King and to take control of the country.
It was fun to watch but for me it was just another story…nothing new and nothing can be proved as true. So I wonder how many people who viewed the clip and thought it was true?

crisis-of-siam.jpgThe role of the king in the political situation of the country is questionable but unspeakable in the Thai society. This may lead a number of people to keep speculating and to certain extent criticising his involvement or support in the September coup and the military regime. However, people who like to criticise perhaps should also respect the respect of the majority for the King.

crisis-of-siam-1.jpgAnyway, the strategy to fight in the cyberspace is working for all sides – the military regime, the pro-Thaksin and the others including some fractions of the military together with the group led by Sondhi Limthongkul. It is also opening up the space for the public mass to share their opinion whether to side with the government, the monarchy or even with the old regime.



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