The rise or the fall of the Democrat Party

29 10 2007

When i first heard about the upcoming election in Thailand, just like many people in various circles, I predicted that Democrat Party would win the election and perhaps form a coalition government with Chart Thai or the other new parties. But will it?

dr-kriengsak.jpgSome might hear rumours about the bad governance under the current party leadership but none of the party leaders has admitted publicly. Then came the resignation of Dr. Kriengsak Charoenwongsak, a former Executive Committee member and a candidate who believed he was given the green light to contest in eastern constituencies including Phra kanong, Praves, Suanluang and Bangna area. At the press conference, he openly criticised the bad governance of the party leader Abhisit Vejchacheeva: ‘if you can not govern the party, how could you govern the country’? When there is a fight within the party, you should listen to arguments of both sides. If you listen to one, you leave no room for the other side to defend themselves.


The spokesperson of the party argued that Dr. Kriengsak dissatisfied with the area given to him to contest. All party members should follow whatever the party say. The party leader does not have the absolute power to agree to one request. While this is true and Dr. Kriengsak should have accepted the consensus of the party election commission decision for him to contest in Thonburi area, the case has given a break to the public mood on the rise of the party and some may rethink whether to vote for DP.

DP is considered the only hope to clear the country out of the political mess, to swing the power from the military back to the people and to restore the confidence of foreign investors. My father holds that hope dearly. He is really DP fan. I for a while shared that view that DP was in a better chance to win the upcoming election, even with the formation of People Power Party which is a nominee of the former Thai Rak Thai Party of the former Prime Minister Thaksin. However, this does not mean that I was convinced that the party could rule the country up to the expectation of its supporters and of the public in general.

I remember I used to follow my father to the Annual meeting and the party election – especially the election when Abhitsit was elected as the party leader. I witnessed the election both at the branch level and at the national level. I must say that I was not impressed the way the party arranged its local election. It was undemocratic. No matter what the decision or nomination of the branch committee, the party at the headquarter usually has the final say who to contest.

Should the party allow the public anxiety about its strength to govern the country to continue, instead of the rise it could be the fall of the party in the upcoming election. If the party can not rise in the upcoming election, they will remain in the opposition for a long time.



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