Policy or Personality in Political Debate

24 11 2007

What should I expect from a political debate? A debate on a policy of each political party or a personality of a leader? Why a change of a party leader has a great impact on policies of a party? Can not or should not a political party carry with it a certain set of ideas or an ideology so that when there is a change of a leader, such ideas or policies remain?

With a lot of political debates shown on television lately, except indirect debate between People’s Power Party and Democrat Party, post discussion among the people has been more on personalities of party leaders rather than policies the party carry. Samak Soonthornravej of People’s Power Party (PPP) is too outspoken, Prachai of for the Motherland Party is too business minded and politically inexperienced, event the hottest leader like Abhisit Veschajiva is too young and too soft to lead if he is to be choosen as a prime minister of this modern and colourful Thailand.

Cannot we talk about what will benefit us socially and economically if one or more of the parties are to come to power? Instead of commenting or talking about their personalities, should not we look at their policies for example on education, public system, health care and social security. Issues like inflation, university admission system, oil price hike etc are important and to be tackled professionally. Wonderful personality of a leader will not help us getting out of the mess but good and viable policies can.



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