KL is empty!

25 11 2007


I have been coming to Kuala Lumpur quite often but this is the first time that KL is empty. I was warned by a few friends yesterday that there would be a rally by the ethnic Indian near my place and that I should stay away from it. A few friends also rang and encouraged me to witness the rally myself since I am here and stay so close to the British High Commission where Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) leaders intended to submit a petition.

A day before the rally, an Indian taxi driver passed me a leaflet carried the following message:

” A class action on behalf of Malaysian Indians has filed at the Royal Courts of Justice London 30th August 2007 to sue the UK Government for bringing in Indians as indentured labourers into Malaya and exploiting them for almost 150 years and thereafter failing to protect the minority Indian rights in the Federal Constitution when independence was granted, hence making Malaysian Indians a permanently colonized society.

A petition with 100,000 signatures to be presented to Her Royal Highness the Queen of England to appoint her Majesty’s Queens Counsels to represent the poor, underclass, oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians would be presented at the British High Commission on 25th November at 9am at the British High Commission on Jalan Ampang.

Democratic minded citizens of all races are urged to attend to show the British Government we are united and serious with our demands for JUSTICE and Protection as subjects of commonwealth.”

I asked him, “will you join the rally?” “No, but many will join”, he said.

When I was out taking pictures along Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Ampang, I asked a police why did not they allow the Indians to submit a petition. If they want to submit a petition they can do so with 10 or 20 people why asking 100,000 to join. There must be something behind it. The Indians want to make it a racial issue. My friend then asked how about the other groups (ethnic Malays), why could they? No reply from that policeman.


I supposed to attend a forum at the Corus Hotel on Jalan Ampang, close to the famous twin tower, KLCC. My forum was forced to be canceled. There was no way that participants could come. LRT Station both at Ampang and KLCC were blocked. At around 1pm Malaysian riot police stood still right in front of Corus Hotel.

I was told that the ethnic Indian protesters are requesting also for the abolition of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution regarding the Malay rights. The Indians are feeling that they have been treated unfairly and like 3rd class citizens, after the Malays and the Chinese. Whether their complaint are true or not, one can only witness when come to Malaysia.

In a video showed in malaysiakini.tv, one of the HINDRAF leaders after being arrested mentioned that they want economic freedom and equal rights. On the Star’s front page showed police notice warning the Indians to stay at home and do not join the rally. On the same paper yesterday, it covered the arrest of the three HINDRAF’s leaders and a story below it is a story on “Pakistan Throw out of Commonwealth” written by an Indian news correspondent – which I and a friend find it a bit unusual.

Latest update on Malaysiakini showed that about 30,000 joined the rally. Latest information from various sources said that over 300 people were arrested.

Although the crowd dispersed, people are worried whether the protesters would return on the street again today or some other time. This is something to do with people feeling and if such feeling is not going to go away so easily, people will find way to come back and fight for justice.



One response

18 01 2008
Kamal Nissanka of Sri Lanka

Dear Bussarin,

I was enlightened by your article. Please write more on the subject.


Kamal Nissanka
Leader, LPSL

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