Thailand after 23rd December Election

11 01 2008
Before we had our recent election, people were worried whether election would take place. Election took place on 23rd December 2007 as planned. After the election, people are still worried whether Peopel Power Party or PPP will be able to claim their victory and form a new government. Every day and in every media after the 23rd December election, news seem to be mainly on who to form the government. Why do we need to worry and discuss about that? Can we not just accept whichever party gained the majority of votes to form a government?
Whether how many red and yellow cards will be given to PPP and its political alliances, we will know before 23rd January. Whether the CD case and the vote buying case in Chiangrai province that involves PPP executive commitee member will lead to the dissolution of the People Power Party, we might have to wait even after PPP has formed a government. Whether it will be the shortest government in our history is yet to be seen.
Since it seems likely that PPP will form our next government, why are we still looking for the possibility of forming a unity government? The confict is deep rooted in the social and class structure of the entire society. It will not go away easily. Reconcilitation will never work between PPP and DP – a clash of political interest. Most importantly, a unity government will benefit whom? The establishment will be able to control PPP, DP will be at the disadvantage and people will remain only a subject of the Kingdom.



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