Silence before Storm or peaceful silence?

15 02 2008

“Why the Military is keeping quiet? Does it mean that they willingly accepted the election result?, I asked a friend one evening.

A friend replied, “They are ashamed of their failure. They took power without a strategic plan to manage the country politically and economically. They have no choice but to allow the winner to take power. Fair game for all democratic players.”


gyn-and-roses.jpgI nodded but continued to question, “Was not it a bit strange? The coup was quite well planned, the Military knew exactly what to do step by step at least in the beginning. Can they really accept the election result and quietly moved behind the scene? Was it real or just a joke when all papers reported about a telephone conversation between the Coup Leader, Gen Sonthi, and the former Prime Minister Thaksin?


thaksin-1.jpg“Well, the Military have slept through the globalisation era. They could not cope with the current situation in our modern world. They showed their might but did not know how to capitalise what they had taken. It was almost like a show – a brief greeting via telephone call. Now being afraid of Thaksin’s coming back to Thailand, they have to be friend to the ex-Premier. That could be their strategy for survival”, she explained furthered.


As much as I wanted to continue, the conversation had to end when she reached her destination. We separated but our conversation kept me thinking…….


yongyuth.jpgIn the morning news today, I heard that there is a high possibility that Mr. Yongyuth Tiyapairath, House Speaker and PPP Executive member, would be stripped of the speaker’s post due to electoral fraud investigated by the Election Commission’s sub-committee. Another news is that three yellow cards will be given to three PPP’s MPs in Petchaboon province in North of Thailand. Another related news, Chart Thai Party which is led by Mr. Banharn Silapa-archa might also be dissolved. What a coincidence! Rumour about the dissolution of the Chart Thai Party arose immeidately after its leader made a decision to join the ruling coalition.


My thinking continues: is this just silence before storm or a real peaceful silence….????




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