kuasa rakyat, makkal sakthi, people’s power

20 03 2008





p1020529.jpgMakkal Sakthi and Kuasa Rakyat are still loud and clear in my head, though it was almost two weeks after my observation in the 12th General Election in Malaysia. So it seems “People have spoken!”, Barisan Nasional won with less than two third majority and lost control in five states – people say it was the worst result faced by BN in 50 years after independence.

copy-of-election-2008-023.jpgcopy-of-election-2008-032.jpgI had a chance to travel around Malaysia a little since the nomination day on 24th Febraury 2008 up until the election night on 8th March 2008. On nomination day, i was in Penang to observe the nomination process in Batu Kawan constituency where a Chinese candidate of Barisan Nasional (BN) was contesting against an Indian candidate of the Democratic Action Party (DAP). It was interesting to see the procession of supporters of both sides and how they cheered their candidates. Even more interesting was conversation I overheard among Indian voters in such constituency. I sensed their sympathies for an Indian candidate although they supposed to be supporting BN. Many were saying that by voting for an Indian candidate, and if he won, that would bring a new hope to the ethnic Indians. I was saying to myself, “it would be a tough fight for BN.”


p1020578.jpgJust a few days prior to polling day, I went to Johor Bharu, Kuala Lumpur and Klang to observe election campaigns and what I found was quite astonishing! The Opposition and the Barisan Nasional had resorted to different campaign tools and styles. While the traditional media channels were limited for the Opposition, they were forced to rely more on e-media i.e. blog, Youtube, facebook etc. BN had an organised stage show for their political rally, whereas the Oppostition were using car-boot or small stage. I was saying it to myself, “how come it is so different!” One could not even see any tv promo of the Opposition. If one wanted to know about the Opposition, the only channel is the internet….

p1020584.jpgOn election night, i received so may phone calls and sms from people in various states and they were telling me that the Opposition is forming a government in a few states…that was unexpected! Then I switched on television just to check the official results and i waited and waited until almost late…the results still did not seem to be announced officially…i went out to Malaysiakini office and that surprised me as they were updating up to the minute results. It proved true that the Opposition managed to take control of five states and denied the two thirds majority that BN enjoyed since 1969. I asked people, “what made change?”. They said, “its people’s power”. It is still loud and clear….and I quietly asked myself, “can this kind of change happen in Thailand?”




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24 03 2008

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5 04 2009

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