Dear Prime Minister Samak, I am bored!

24 03 2008
samak-2.jpgI consider myself as one of TV addicts. It was until after the latest general election held in Thailand that I harldy look for current news on television. This is simply because there has been nothing in every morning programme except what our prime minister has to say! I was so bored last weekened and tried to look for good programme on TV but what i found was only our prime minister face on all channels.
Since he was elected by PPP to lead the country, he was rated “the most ugliest prime minister in Thailand political history”. This has made him very popular in cafe forum. Such an outspoken and vocal like Prime Minister Samak, he can criticise in every aspect of politics in Thailand. Before he was chosen by his invisible boss, people were curious why him? But now, people seem to have an answer…this type of leadership is so unique and rare in Thailand. Whatever he says will be difficult to level with especailly by current opposition leader who is an Ox-bridge graduate.



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31 03 2008

Me toooooooooooo!

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