Thai Parliamentarian boxing: electorates are to blame

3 04 2008

karun-vs-somkiat.jpg People Power Party MP Karun Hosakul (left) and Democract Party MP Somkiat Pongpaiboon (right) are facing a house inquiry for an alleged fight at parliament on Wednesday 2 April 2008. Deputy House Speaker Apiwan Wiriyachai will chair a panel to look into the matter. The process will take about 2 weeks.

Mr. Somkiat claimed that Mr. Karun kicked him while he was having a meal with his Democract colleagues at 2nd floor of the parliament building. Mr. Karum denied he tried to commit a physical attack and said the room in which the incident took place was full of Democrat MPs.

Mr. Karun was and still is a controversial member of parliament. He was well known among electorates in Don Muang constituency as a handsome MP. But for people outside his constituency he was and still is considered as a village headman. Mr. Somkiat was and still is involved with the People’s Allaince for Democracy (PDA) whose demonstration had caused the departure of Thakisn government. Mr. Somkiat’s involvement annoyed Mr. Karun. A member of parliament should not be involved with an anti-government organisation, Mr. Karun said.

Mr. Somkiat was voted in the parliament due to his involvement with PDA and the electorates were the one who decided. He can be a member of parliament and be involved in PDA. Mr. Karun’s entry into parliament was decided by the electorates who adored his charm. Before his entry into parliament, it was known that he beated his wife and hit a policeman when the latter made an attempt to destroy the cockfight that was owned by Mr. Karun.

The electorates who voted Mr. Karun in parliament are to blame. They should have voted for a people representaitve who can resolve conflict through dialogue – not with a physical attack.



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